CinemaBox Tutorial: What you can do with CinemaBox

There is a lot of stuff you can do using CinemaBox. The app is diverse in utility as well as in the content it offers for download. And so it can get confusing to navigate. But not to worry; we have here a short tutorial for you all to go through. Hopefully, this will make things easier to understand.

CinemaBox Utility:

Before we begin with the tutorial, let’s go through the various features CinemaBox boasts. Here are some of them.

  • Huge expansive collection of movie and TV show titles
  • Good prints, in a wide variety of resolutions.
  • Support for Chromecast is provided, along with other casting services.
  • No interference of pesky ads when the content is being played.

These are just some of the features we’ve seen. There is much more to the app. But let’s now see how we can use these different features.

How to bookmark a movie in CinemaBox:

To bookmark a movie, open CinemaBox. Search the app for your favorite movie, or scroll to discover new ones. Tap to open one you like. You should see a star shaped icon on the title bar. Tap it and your movie will be favourited, which is like bookmarking. You can access it later through the “Favorites” option in the home menu.

How to Cast the movie to a bigger screen?

Casting requires your TV to be Chromecast compatible. You can get a Chromecast device online and plug it into your HDMI port to do so. Next, you need to download AllCast or LocalCast on your Android device. Play your favorite content on your Android device and then tap the Cast icon on the top. Select your app and then proceed with connecting with your TV’s Chromecast as usual. Your movie will be playing on the big screen in no time! This method also works on Android TV, Apple TV and XBox.

How to download a movie off of CinemaBox?

CinemaBox not only plays the movie for you, but it also lets you download them. From the most recent version of CinemaBox, the app has introduced downloads that are sourced within the app itself and not via the slow Android Download Manager mechanism. To download a movie or TV episode, play it on your android device as usual. You should see a download icon on the top. Tap it and the download will be automatically queued. With enough time, the content will be ready to play offline on your mobile device!

These were some common tricks on CinemaBox that you can use to get the most out of your app. Tell us if you’d like us to talk about something else on the app.